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Who We ARe

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We specialize in Federal Storm Recovery projects and insurance adjusting.  This includes Damage Assessments, Quality Control, Change Orders, and Quality Assurance.  Our current roles include residential damage assessments to aid after a catastrophic storm event.   


We believe business is about people, more specifically, business is about people connecting with other people.  The human element of business is what gives an organization value.  Our founder uses lessons from the military and experience in the storm recovery industry to ensure overall mission success.  Our core beliefs are as follows:


  1. Leadership is an act of service, not a position to be served. 
  2. Autonomy of the workforce, allowing professionals to make decisions and claim ownership of their work product and mission. 
  3. Excellence and integrity in all aspects of what we do. 


Xactimate experts, insurance adjusters, and transitioning military veterans are our primary focus.



We are connected to the top talent across multiple industries, and we use these connections to create world class training and apprenticeship programs.  Success requires actionable knowledge.  Our training will create a foundation from which the individual and the organization can grow. 


We not only prepare individuals for success with training, but we provide a path to that success.  This is not only with our organization, but also any and all affiliates.  The human capital needs of this industry are constantly fluctuating, but our goal is to create leaders that are consistently in high demand. 

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